Why Highest Shelf's white market products?

We source White Market products only. These products are made in licensed establishments with the strictest of requirements, precautions, and scrutiny's. Cleanliness in grow water, facilities, and final product are required and monitored and recorded through product tests and sell by dates that guarantee product freshness and customer safety. Watch the adjacent video to see an example facility of a licensed company. Below we contrast this to a video of a large scale black market grow; the type that supplies the majority of online companies. We want people to be able to see what the difference between a white market and black market grow facility look like so you can see the unforseen implicated differences between such products that are produced within each market. Sure the white market products cost more; more work is required to produce them, testing, and no illegal pesticides that make growing 'easier' and more 'fruitful' while contaminating the plant product and endangering the consumer who deserves a true and pure cannabis experience without any added unknown trace elements.

Why not Black Market Product? (Everyone else)

These crops tend to be environmental hazards since these growers use chemicals not allowed under law that legal growers follow. Product is not tested and names are changed through the supply chain. Pesticides and trash pollute both the product and the environment. Multimillion dollar operations are set up in remote locations usually run by international organizations. Makeshift wells are illegally drilled, water is sometimes stolen from fire hydrants and other potentially toxic reservoirs. The labor force is not always paid and sometimes forced to work against their will. An experienced smoker can always tell the difference between toxic pesticide ridden flower and clean flower such as the white licensed products sourced by HighestShelf.com - It is worth it to pay the extra required to get away from Black Market products that cut corners with everything from harmful pesticides to never being tested or even true to the strain name let alone all the evil it supports. We have made the decision to source from the white market only so no one has to take the risk of consuming pesticide ridden product and have to put something in their lungs that they do not even know what it is and that it contains no harmful traces that one would not expect in cannabis.